Sunday, January 1, 2017

sparklers to usher in the new year!

Last night at midnight, this was the scene at Muse Arts Warehouse!
That's Patrick Young and his gal,Sara, out in front!
I'm wearing my glittery "yes, I'm a wench" red holiday top, behind Patrick!
The peace Guy is standing in front of the door!
(Thanks, Joe Roger Rogue, you peace Guy, for coming to town and escorting me to this shindig!)
Behind us are Shari and Marshall Frey, Lynita Spivey, Axelle the French artist and Jordan, Danielle Houston, Trick and Tara Kelly, playwrght Amanda Mack, John Dorsey, and Jason Arons.

As promised, there were sparklers!!!
That's Danielle and Jason in the foreground, while I'm in the back left, sparking light with my glittery top as well as from my hands! That's right, I was double-dipping!

Here we have most of the Odd Lot crew!
Taken before the madness truly began (the playing of Jason's card game, "I Drank What?", for instance) and while everyone was still all cleaned up.
So, there's Megan, in the gorgeous red dress...
flanked by Justin Kent and Jason Arons...
the tallest man there, in back center, is Chris Soucy...
looking from the left, we have Trick, Lynita, and John Dorsey...
and going from Soucy to the right are Marshall Frey and Thomas Houston.
Some stayed until midnight, some left to be home in bed for that time.
Poor Thomas left early to go to work.

Then we have the grandest couple of all!
The one-and-only JinHi, and her ever-loving man, Mark!
The Rands took off before the witching hour, too, but they left the building open for our revelry!
Many thanks, y'all!

post scriptFuture posts will be appearing over here...
I'm trying to get more activity into my life.

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